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WFI & Compendial Waters

Water For Injection is classified as an excipient in the production of parenteral preparations and in other pharmaceutical preparations where the endotoxin content must be verified (see related USP, EP and JP pharmacopeia for reference)

Multistage Process Diagram

heating for evaporation and cooling for condensation processes are performed by double tube sheet (DTS) exchangers. Condensation is achieved by means of the thin-falling film technology.

Safe cGMP Construction

Made in Italy, made in Parma: dating back to 1964, our headquarters is located in highly specialized industrial district, heart of the Italian food valley and of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

BRAM-COR SMPT Multiple Effect Distiller is designed and manufactured according to cGMP to produce compendial Water for Injection. Each unit contains a number of boiling columns (or effects) with the first column producing pure steam, which is condensed and re-distilled in the following columns, decreasing the operational costs.

Bram-Cor SMPT Multiple Effect Distiller - Model ST8 3000

Bram-Cor SMPT Multiple Effect Distiller – Model ST8 3000

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Pharmaceutical Water Treatment- Bram-Cor

Water Treatment Systems


BRAM-COR pharmaceutical water treatment systems are designed to produce compendial

PW - Purified Water
HPW - Highly Purified Water
WFI - Water For Injection
PS - Pure Steam

Pre-treatment options, monitoring of critical parameters, regulatory requirement for product quality, consumptions, microbiological control, operation and maintenance requirements, lifecycle costs are key points in our design of all processing steps, from feed water to the point of use. Special care is given to the choice of sanitary materials. Product-contact surfaces are in certified AISI 316L stainless steel, with standard roughness ≤ 0.4 µm. EPDM or PTFE gaskets ensure perfect sealing. Advanced Process Analytical Technologies are applied for monitoring issues and professional GAMP compliant automation is provided for system control.

Processing Systems

Processing Systems


BRAM-COR designs, manufactures and installs complete Formulation & Preparation Plants starting from specific Product and User Requirements. Sterile preparation or cleaning and sterilization of process vessels or contact equipment are common issues in the pharmaceutical industry and therefore a must in any of our projects.

Specific manufacturing of solutions or sanitization & sterilization requirements can be satisfied by our processing systems, providing the optimum balance of performance with cost effective aseptic processing equipment through BRAM-COR solutions including:




Filling & Packaging Systems

Filling & Packaging Systems


BRAM-COR pharmaceutical bags or bottles filling equipments are intended for automatic, semiautomatic or manual use, for different bags or plastic/glass bottle sizes, according to various production needs from min. 10 ml, smaller volumes on demand.

Our equipment ensures trouble-free operation, with reduced maintenance costs and long-term reliability.

Complete bottle lines are integrated with washing machines, capping and crimping machines, labelling lines and belt conveyors.

Filling machines for BAGS
Bags making machines
Form-Fill-Seal equipment for PP bags
Visual Inspection lines for bags
Plugs/Connectors assembling machines
Filling machines for bottles
Stoppering & Capping machines
Stretch-Blow-Molding machines for PP bottles